Nail Services

Shellac Manicure                         $35

Rejuvenating Manicure                $22 

Express Manicure                        $16

Men's Manicure                             $20

"Teeny Tiny" Mani  (10 & Under) $14

Rejuvenating Pedicure                   $42

Express Pedicure                            $32

Men's Pedicure                                $40

Prenatal Epson Salt                        $42

"Teeny Tiny" Pedi  (10 & Under)   $20


Buff & Polish Change                     $14 

Shellac Polish                                  $30

Hydrating Paraffin Treatment      $10

Nexgen Overlay                               $35

Nexgen w/ Tips                                $40

Nexgen Pink & White                      $45


I have been enjoying a career as a licensed manicurist since 2003. I am very lucky to have a job that I love and to have the opportunity to work in such a great salon. Once joining the Primp team, I started making the scrubs and lotions that are used during manicuring services. I take pride in providing a healthy, clean and relaxing service to each one of my clients.
— Amber, Primp Manacurist